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  • NOLO CV1 is the first one that brings immersive VR experience to Mobile VR platform. Users could freely move around and interact in the virtual world with their smartphones or VR headset.
  • Get ready for SteamVR in seconds, creating a bridge between the immersive experience of PC VR Headset, allows you to use your VR headset play Steam VR game. 
  • Supports nearly 2000 Steam VR games (PC and streaming software required) and Oculus platform, such as Beat Saber, Super Hot, Job Simulator, Audio Shield, Space Pirate Trainer, Serious Sam VR etc.
  • Supports major Mobile VR headsets, such as Samsung Gear VR; PCVR headsets such as OSVR HDK2, Pimax 4K,PSVR, Oculus DK2 and Laputa VR, etc; Standalone VR Headset, such as Ouclus Go.
  • NOLO CV1 has positioning precision of less than 2mm, positioning latency of less than 20ms, positioning range of 5m from a base station with 100° FOV. 

    NOLO CV1 is a VR/AR motion tracking kit that brings the SteamVR Game experience to Oculus Go

    More than just film watching with your Gear VR, NOLO CV1 can offer provides 6-DoF spatial tracking for your Gear VR headset. through the fusion of optic, acoustic and radio signals, millimeter level of accuracy and low latency can be achieved with high affordability, low power consumption, and high portability, enjoy over 3000+ SteamVR games with your Gear vr headset and NOLO CV1.


    Compatible With Most VR Headsets

      Oculus Go:

      NOLO CV1 offers 6DoF VR  interactions to Oculus Go! Immersive yourself in over 2000 SteamVR games!


      Gear VR:

      NOLO CV1 provides spatial tracking for your Gear VR headset. Indulge yourself in the fully immersive SteamVR gameplay!


      PlayStation VR:

      NOLO CV1 enables your PSVR headset to access SteamVR games. Enjoy PC-exclusive titles without spending a fortune!




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