At VeeR VR, you can shop as a GUEST or as a REGISTERED customer. 

Registering is easy. We'll only request the essential information required to manage your purchase.

In the registration form you will find format examples that will help you when entering certain information, such as your telephone number.
Your registration data and order information will always be available. Just log in to your account if you are a registered customer, or click on the link we sent you in your confirmation email if you are a guest customer.


Once you’ve completed your purchase, we’ll send you an email confirmation with the purchase information.
Please bear in mind that you can’t cancel or modify you order if it has progressed to an advanced preparation status.


Shopping Cart and Wish List

You can view your selected items in shopping cart, and change or delete the number of items on your order all from your shopping cart.


You can use the WISHLIST to save and view your favorite items.
Here’s how it works, whenever you click on the WISHLIST symbol, you add that item to your list. From your list you can remove items whenever you like using the ‘edit’ option. To complete a purchase, just click on the product and follow the regular steps.

You may only use the WISHLIST if you are a registered customer.