VeeR was born out of the belief that content sharing is veering towards VR.

Founded in 2016, VeeR is now one of a leading VR technology companies focusing on global VR content creation, VR content community sharing and VR around accesories products.  


As VR creation and consumption is becoming more accessible to everyday users, VeeR’s vision is to be the natural platform for everyone to express their creativity, promote their works, and engage in community. While we believe that VR is the future of storytelling, we also believe that you are the future of VR.


VeeR gives its users the platform, tools, support, and know-how necessary for creating remarkably immersive and stunning VR videos. Between VeeR’s millions of users globally and our passionately dedicated team, VeeR creators are never alone. We invite you to join in our vision and take part in the world’s most dynamic VR community.